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this morning. it is wednesday morning, july 27th. 81degrees at 5:00 in the morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. hard to believe we really just have one more month of really hot temperatures left, august. >> the way this year is going, you never know, do you? >> you never know. >> no guarantee that accept is going to be a cooler. >> there is a guarantee it will be cooler. i can't say how much. >> not too bad today though. >> no. in fact, today will be beautiful. more sunshine, temperatures about 90, low huge. the five-day forecast not quite as great. >> that is what i hear. i hear rumors of that. >> not just rumors. let's get started with a look at our satellite-radar. i'll give you the cheat sheet. we won't find anything at all. very quiet conditions out there. a few thunderstorms off the coast. ocean city off the lower eastern shore. all the way up to chicago, we have clear skies. we are just looking at sunshine
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today. one or two passing clouds during the course of the day. that will be about it. hot temperatures. typical temperatures really with highs expected to be about 90. right now, we are down to 80. that is an update. 80 in washington. 80 in annapolis. 60s breaking out into the north and west. 70 in gaithersburg. it will be a nice start to the day. i think it should be a beautiful one. when you open up a bit, you can see the cooler temperatures. sunshine, not expecting a shower and/or thunderstorm activity today. more humidity and heat starting tomorrow. details in a minute. >> i like seeing that word dry on your map right there. it should be nice. >> let's check in with julie wright and get a look at traffic. good morning, everyone. so far, so good, we are off to a quiet start. no incidents reported down south at the wilson bridge. travel flowing freely on 95 out of fredericksburg headed into stafford.
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you will find yourself at speed headed for the occoquan. easy drive on the beltway traveling between 95 and 66. no incidents to report north of town. beltway is returning smoothly in each direction between 270 and college park. southbound 270 at speed leaving hyattstown headed out towards rockville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. first up this morning, the debt ceiling debate, many conservative republicans oppose the plan by house speaker john boehner saying it does not cut enough. but the white house also opposes it saying it is only temporary requiring another vote in six months. the president wants to put the issue past next year's elections. the white house spokesman tells alpha hydroxy that the president is pushing for a deal that all parties can be happy with. >> the bottom line for the president is no short-term deal. we think that is absolutely vital. the kind of chaotic situation we have now with a lot of uncertainty created about whether or not the eighties will for the first time in its history defall on its obligations that that should not be perpetuated. it won't be good for the
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economy. it will be a drag on growth and a drag on job creation and we believe that nobody in washington wants that. >> both speaker boehner and senate leader harry reid each have their own plans and are trying to get support for them. the big story we are following this morning, i prince george's county police officer facing attempted murder and sex charges. officer gene gillette is due in court for a bopped hearing. investigators say he lured the victim john hall to his home earlier this month with a promise that he was going to be in a porn video. they say the officer demanded sexual favors and when hall refused, gillette fired several shots at him. officer yilette told police he shot a carjacking suspect at his house but officials a the story just didn't add up. hall was in the hospital with several gunshot wounds for about two weeks before recovering. >> the truth came out. >> it was because of the investigate. the investigators responded to the scene right away and they
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were able to, through their investigation, determine what happened. >> it was a relief too also because it take the blame on my brother-in-law off. >> if convicted, gillette could face up to life in prison. new details about a serial stabber targeting women in northern virginia malled. fairfax county police hope the newly released surveillance photos of the suspect will help lead to his arrest. audrey barnes has more. >> reporter: good morning. this suspect is targeting women at high-end shopping centers in northern virginia. it has been going on since february. it happened here at tyson's in mid-june and most recently yesterday at fair oaks mall. this is the man that police say is being very specific about his approach to attack his victims. this is how he picks them out and then attacks them with a knife or box cutter. >> close had fallen off of a
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rack and there was a man over there. she looked over around the same time. she felt a sudden piercing in her buttocks. >> i actually just found out today from my boss and i hid in the corner. i was like -- you know because i'm a teenager and i shop a lot so it was surprising to me that somebody is going around slicing people. >> reporter: that is exactly why police decided to release that surveillance tape. they say that they are surprised that he is still out there. many of the malls have their own private security firms. they are warning employees and shoppers to be on alert for the suspect. beside the attacks we talked about, he has also struck a marshall's store at the greenbriar center on route other. back to you. >> thank you. it is back to work for the washington redskins. training camp opens tomorrow and the first practice is friday. the wide receiver and the skins
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have report thely reached an agreement. espn is reporting santana moss is the first of the redskins free agents to stay in-house agreeing to a three-year $15 million deal including a $5 million signing bonus. moss is the first of the redskins free agents to say in house agreeing to that deal. now, while moss is staying, it is unlikely donovan mcnabb will be throwing him the ball. there are several reports that the vikings and redskins are very close to finalizing a deal that would send quarterback donovan mcnabb to minnesota. one of the issues with mcnabb is working out a restructured contract. vikings cannot make a deal with the redskins if they don't have a deal with mcnabb first. a mother saw kids on her son's school bus yelling for help. she jumped on the bus to see what was wrong. >> now, she is facing legal trouble. up next, why she says she was just doing what any parent would do. thousands of post offices in danger of being shut down
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including several here in our area. we'll have an update to a story we brought you yesterday. stay with us. it is now 5:06.  ah, progress.
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soy the e. coli outbreak in europe this spring strip is now fillly over. that is the word from germany's national disease control center p nobody has gotten sick in three weeks. the incubation time for the e. coli bacteria, it was the world's deadliest outbreak of etch coal eye. 50 people tied in germany, in sweden and one in the united states. now to nor watch the first cabinet ministers are expected to return to their offices in oslo today, five days after a car bomb exploded in the government district. anders breivik has confessed to carrying out the bombing and mass shooting. president obama and vice president bide p offer condolences from the u.s. at the norwegian embassy. they signedded the book of condolences for victims of the terror attack. a pennsylvania woman's motherly instincts could land her in legal trouble.
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last december, she saw kids yelling for help around a seat. turns out he was just sleeping. apparently, boarding a school bus is illegal. she says she didn't know about the law. the u.s. postal service drinking some bad news. more than 3600 post offices could soon are forced to shut down, 32 of them in the d.c. region. mail volume has dropped off 20% in the last two years. >> i mostly use yop line so i'm not even surprised by that. >> you can do a lot of your stuff online. >> people are going online. it is more efficient that way. i mostly use online so i'm --
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i mostly use online so i'm not even surprised by that. the new mandate to clean up the anacostia river. how will it get done? we'll talk about it coming up. here is tuck ware look at our forecast. >> ailing cooler out there. we have temperatures generally in the 70s this morning. a nice-looking forecast. sunshine about 90 today. i'll have the details on that and julie wright will be in with a look at your on-time traffic. all that coming up in just a couple of minutes. ♪
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we are here to help this morning if you are having trouble paying your mortgage or you are afraid that the economic hard times may put your home in jeopardy. make sure you stay with us all morning. we are going to host a phone bank this morning from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. with experts from the emergency mortgage assistance program. >> they will have answers on all kinds of mortgage issues for you. if you live in virginia or the district, they can refer you to organizations that can help in your area as well.
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don't call rye now but there is a number here so can you jot it down. -- don't call right now. we will repeat the number this morning. it starts at 6:00 and runs until 10:00 p.m. >> no help when it comes to beating the heat. still dealing with temperatures in the 90s. >> that is the forecast highs yesterday felt better, right? >> comparatively. >> i saw people eating lunch outside. >> if you are in the shade. if you are in the shade, you're fine but once you step out into the sun, can you feel it. >> today will be the nicest in the next five. the heat will be back. let's get to the numbers and a we'll talk about it first. current temperatures, reagan national, 80 degrees. we are not cooling off a whole
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lot overnight. annapolis, same thing for you. leonardtown, not a whole lot better, 77. a little better in maces like frederick, 68 -- in places like frederick, 68 at the moment. highs later today, about 90 or so. yesterday, we still made it into the mid-90s. today, a little cooler. here is your temperature trend. the rope i mentioned that you want to get out and enjoy today, because heat and humidity will be back with a vengeance around here towards the end of the week. 91 today. that is close to average. look out. tomorrow, 95. near 100 on friday and mid- to upper 90s on saturday. maybe some thunderstorms to kind of break up the heat towards the enof the week. you get the idea, we are not typically 100-degree in wash although it seems like we've been there a lot lately. i have no idea but let me show you these are cities across the country. very imposive, no cloud cover associated with that. satellite-radar, some thunderstorms. there you go right off the southeast coast. those will slip out to sea. they are out of here.
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look how quiet it is. it is very, very quiet in west virginia, pennsylvania and ohio. we don't have much to talk about today. should be a bright and sunny day. high temperature about 90 degrees. that is kind of a transition day. 91 your daytime high. wind out of the north at about five to 10. mostly clear skies and mild with overfight lows in the mid- 70s. winds shift out of the south tomorrow and that will allow the warmer air in. there is your very hot and humid five-day forecast. 95 tomorrow. we mentioned 100 on friday. maybe some thunderstorms late friday. better chance on saturday. let's get to julie wright. she has the latest and we know julie loves this weather. >> i do. i really do. this is -- i was so sad when sarah said we only have a month left of summer. and i like teared up just
5:19 am
identify moment. >> awww! >> on the roads, lanes are open south on 270. an easy commute on 355 out of damascus. outer loop. beltway is in good shape college park headed over to the exit for 270. no problems reported on 66 as you travel eastbound. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. d.c., maryland and environmental officials are facing a strict deadline to clean up the polluted anacostia river p a judge called the river dirty and he is demanding that officials come up with tougher standards within one year to make the river welcome to swimmers and fishermen. we have a report.
5:20 am
>> reporter: the and cost y river keep are group and the groupering justice sued after decade of pollution and calls the court recalling a major victory. >> the judge said the anacostia is, in a word, dirty. and that the government agencies that are responsible for cleaning up the river have been indifferent. >> reporter: stacy water is charged with cleaning up the river. >> we are all in agreement that the anacostia needs to be cleaned up. there is noenter price doing more for the anacostia than this one. >> reporter: we rode along with the d.c. water crew that use a camera boat to clean up the river. that skimmer goes outside five days a week weather permitting. it pick up most hi floatable debris like pieces of wood, lots of plastic bottles. the big challenge will to be get rid of sewage that
5:21 am
overflows into the river along with rainwater during storms. d.c. water has a big promotion now about the huge underwater tunnel it is about to build that will keep the overflow from going into the river. >> you way be just one more drop of pollution. >> instead, it will go down a drop shaft, be captured in the tunnel. but up like a rain barrel where it is held in mace, it is then transported in the tunnels down here and then it will get pumped back up and get full treatment at this plant. >> reporter: new technology will be costly. he saws oft next 10 year, average rates will go from $60 a month to over $100. environmental groups say they will keep an eye on government agencies. >> when they won't voluntarily do the right thing, we will take action like we did two year ago and we will sue them. >> reporter: along the anacostia river, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> thank you.
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now, that underground tunnel would run up the river towards national stadium over to r inform -- rfk stadium with segments in northwest d.c. we are cooking up something spicy in the kitchen next on fox 5 morning news. >> it is like catsup to the tenth power. >> they are putting a spin on a d.c. favorite. it is going worldwide. that is coming up next. ai4:.. 
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now to a d.c. favorite. we are talking chicken wings and mumbo sauce. it is served at carry-outs all over the district. >> never heard of mumbo sauce? it is somewhere between barbecue sauce and sweet and sour. beth parker has the story. >> reporter: in a can i have kitchen in annapolis being a new business is spreading fast. this is the world headquarters of capital city mumbo. -- in a kitchen in annapolis, a new business is spreading fast. >> it is like catsup but better, like catsup to the 10th power. >> reporter: arsha jones is a web designer by day. >> when you're in college, you
5:26 am
being i'm -- you think i'm going to be famous. i grew up off of georgia avenue. >> reporter: as i kid, she spent her summer paychecks on shoes and carry-out. >> i have several favorites from the carry-out and one was mumbo sauce and chicken wings and fries and other things you shouldn't have been eating. >> she figured out her kids liked mumbo too. >> we did tons of taste tests. >> they figured out how to make mumbo sauce. getting it to the customer, that is another project. >> turn the web site on and accept the orders and i already had like an e-mail list of people that were waiting for the web site to open. you ready with your stuff. >> reporter: their kids are just barely big enough to see over the kitchen counter. >> the kid are like, am i getting paid for this? >> reporter: the orders are pouring in. the kitchen looks like the spot where mailboxes et cetera meets
5:27 am
the grocery store. >> i was hoping that people would like it. i was hoping it would be something fun for the family to do and we make a few dollars to like go to hershey park or something. >> her recipe is still scrawled on a piece of paper. >> it is not a barbecue sauce. >> reporter: they started with 36 emmy plastic bottles. now, they are working towards 1,000 bottle sold. >> we really had not even low expectations. we had no expectations. >> reporter: it has all been sweet with a funle kick at the end just like mumbo -- with a funling kick at the end just like mumbo. >> thank you. up next, we'll sort out the debt ceiling debate. five attacks in five months. the suspect who has been cutting women shoppers is still out there. we'll show you the surveillance video coming up. 
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taking a look at rig appear national airport. maybe some folks trying to get out of up to to beat the heat. although it is tough to find a police to do that these days. -- taking a look at reagan national airport. >> it got nice and hot at the airport yesterday too. >> sure did, 95 degrees at reagan national. that was a bit of a surprise. nothing prices me this month because it has been so hot for so long. today, looking at low 90s.
5:31 am
i thought yesterday turned out it be a nice day. >> i did too. >> i >> it wasn't bad. but then again i wasn't running at 5:00 like julie was. >> it wasn't too bad. we are in the 80s now. well remain there for the next hour or two and then we'll start to see the numbers slowly rise. 08 at 80 at patuxent naval air station. let's go to the forecast today. we'll switch maps and we should are have a lot of sunshine today. we are expecting highs about 90 degrees. today really will be the before the day in the next five. >> just remember last week, think about -- >> more of the same. >> here we go again.
5:32 am
relates a check in with julie and see what is going on on the roads. >> good morning, you guys. so far, so good. no incidents to report right now as you make your way long northbound i-95 in virginia coming northbound out of dale city and continuing up towards the capital beltway. all lanes are open. the pace is good. only about a 16-minute commute as you guys head northbound up to the springfield interchange. no accidents to report if you are traveling out on 66. this is still an easy drive for commuter coming inbound from fair oaks. westbound 66 at glebe road, stay to the left to get by there. new york avenue at new jersey avenue, traffic flowing freely getting through the traffic lights from northeast to northwest. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a big story we are following this morning. a mount rainier police officer is due in cure today for a bond hearing. he is facing attempted murder and sex changes. investigators say the 27-year- old officer, gene gillette, lured the victim, john hall, to his home earlier this month with a promise that he was
5:33 am
going to be in a porn video. but when hall arrived, there were no women. they say the officer demanded sexual favors and when hall refused, gillette fired several shots at him. gillette told police he shot a carjacking suspect at had you house but officials say the story just didn't add up. victim was in the hospital with serious gunshot wounds for about two week recovering. if convicted, gillette could face up to life in prison. new chews in the hunt for a serial slasher targeting women in northern virginia shopping centers. police released surveillance video. audrey barnes has more. >> reporter: police say that happened at a store at this mall in mid-june. most recent awas yesterday inside a store at the fair oaks shopping crepe are. the suspect cut a woman at the xxi store on her buttocks p he
5:34 am
causes a distract and attacks with a five or box cutter. fox 5 asked a nationally recognized criminal profiler, pat brown, to take a look at the facts in this case. she thinks this guy is going to attack again and the crimes will become more dangerous. >> first, we have a thing where they just get close to you and then they go up and started touching you or rubbing against you. to move on to the point where you are taking a went op and slying somebody. he wants to hurt a woman. he wants to torture her and the next step is going to be rape. >> reporter: tass why fairfax county police have released that surveillance tape. they want to get the suspect off the street before that happens. beside the tax at tyson corner and fair oak mall, thrsks of a similar attack inside the marshall's store on route 50. all of they shopping cents do have private security and fairfax county police make
5:35 am
regular patrols but they want to alert employees and shopper that this suspect is still out there and you need to keep your guard up. back to you. >> thank you. in the debate over raising the debt limit with less than a week to go before the treasury department say we could face a possible default, there are two proposals being worked on this morning. one by house speaker john boehner does not cut as much as some conservatives want. the president also opposes it because it is short-term. however, even if they get a deal, a third of economists now think the u.s. credit rating will still be downgraded. >> so how will the stalemate affect you. if there is no deal, the treasury department will have to decide which peoples do not get made. >> a downgrade of u.s. credit not only would affect government checks but retirement accounts and the cost of credit. money reporter melanie alnwick sorts it out for us. >> reporter: tourists are witnessing political wrangling at its worst. >> this is happening all over
5:36 am
europe as well. i think it is becoming a global issue. >> reporter: some pray for the solution. it raises many fears about financial consequences. jim angel, a professor of finance at joantown university, ups the fear. >> there is a lot of speculation about what might happen. the reality is we don't know what could happen. >> reporter: but first, some facts. is the u.s. going to run out of money? no. >> default means you've broken your promise. >> reporter: it doesn't mean you are flat broke. the government will still be bringing in tax revenue, just not enough to pay bill on time. will social security peoples stop? angel is willing to bet the white house has a plan b. >> reporter: up a sure if the social security checks do not go out, my 91-year-old mother would be on the picket line. there are a a number of things that could buy time to avoid a worst case scenario. >> reporter: but an outright
5:37 am
default would mean devastating impacts on our economy. >> that could cause a large amount of chaos and confusion in the market much as we saw in september of 2008. >> reporter: what about interest rate spikes? angel says that depends on how safe investors believe it is to lend the u.s. money. just like the banks charge higher credit card rates to customers who don't have a good credit history, if the u.s.'s creditworthiness takes a hit. >> that will push up high are the rest rates for us. >> reporter: how soon and by how much is really hard to know. so far, people who are watching the treasury bond market say investors aren't panicking yet and pulling their money out. that is i good sign. you have to remember that interest rates are at all-time lows so it is inevitable they will go up some time. >> thank you. i anew travel warning for the state department this morning. >> coming up n, details of where you are being urged to
5:38 am
take extra precaution and why. stay with us. it is now 5:37. 
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5:40 am
the state department has issued a new travel warning and the reason is lingering anger over the death of osama bin laden. americans urged to take extra
5:41 am
precautions when traveling overseas. department fears terrorists may be planning reprisal attacks in europe, asia, africaened at middle east. a virginia man accused of spying for pakistan while working with american lawyers is now outle jail. he was arrested last week. he is charged with trying to influence the white house and congress on policies concerning kashmir while working as a pakistani spy. he is now on home detention. after 102 years, a formal good-bye to the water read medical center. an official flag casing ceremony will be held later this morning in front of the facility appear main building. walter reed is closing its upper northwest campus. other parts of walter reed will move down to the fort belvoir hospital. new colors for the new facility will be uncased after today. in ports, it looks like the drop van mcnabb era in washington was a short one. word of a possible deal to
5:42 am
trade him while another key red skip will be staying. we'll talk live to the sports junkies up next. plus, checking your weather, tucker barnes is here and traffic with julie wright. stay with us. .
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if you are having problems paying your mortgage or you are afraid economic hard time may put your home in jeopardy, make sure to stay with us all morning long. fox 5 is hosting a phone bank today from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. with experts from the emergency mortgage assistance program administered by the maryland d housing and community development. >> they will have answers on all kind of mortgage issues. if you live in virginia or the district, they can refer to you organizations that can help in your area as well. don't call rye now but here is the number so can you jot it down. 202-895-3307. we'll be repeating that number throughout the morning. >> all right. let's check in with tucker barnes now. another warm one but not anything that we can't handle i would say. >> you got t nothing too extreme here today. we are expecting highs about 90. our average daytime high is 89. not too bad.
5:46 am
>> right about average then. >> nothing average about any of this. heat index 100 plus. likely to have more advisories around here. remember all that heat we had the end of last woke and early last weekend, it will be back here. not today. i think today you will be fine. things will heat up again after this. 95 the winning number yesterday at reagan national and dulles and bwi marshall. today, i think our temperatures will be a little cooler and just like yesterday, the humidity will remain in check so it should be a nice one for you this afternoon. 80reagan national. just not cooling off a whole lot here in the city. 75 in leonard up two. a little better to the north and west. frederick is down to 66 degrees. a little more comfortable as you get north and west of the
5:47 am
city. let's look at the satellite- radar together. we did have one or two showers pop up, a pretty goodling thunderstorm complex pushed across the lower eastern shore. this is very quiet. don't see much quieter than this. it should be a nice one today. i think today will be another really nice day with highs about 90-degree or so. here is your forecast. sunshine, low huge, 91 your daytime high. later tonight, we are hoping to get back into the 70s in the city and into the upper 60s off to the north appear west. mostly clear skies, mild overnight. comfortable, winds out of the west at five miles per hour. not as comfortable tomorrow, the wind shift out of the south and here we go again. more humidity tomorrow with that 95 degrees. i think noticeably more up comfortable tomorrow. 100 on friday. 96 on saturday. maybe we'll get needed rain around here. best chance of that will be late in the day on saturday and saturday night. that is a look at the weather
5:48 am
forecast. let's do some on-time traffic and julie wright. >> if you are traveling down at the will sop bridge, it is still quiet in each direction there. 301 at 257, an accident reported. checking for a car fire on the westbound side of 110 near 66. 395 coming across the freej 14th street bridge. the lanes are open working your way across the potomac with no incidents reported. lie and easy in southeast washington. you will find the top stretch of the beltway at speed, college park over to 270. southbound 270, nice and easy for those leaving germantown headed out towards the lane divide. no problems coming in from randolph road and four corners. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. parents and students in montgomery county will soon have another choice when it comes tomorrow indication. the board of ed approved the county's first charter school. the montessori-based elementary school in cepsing top is expected to open in 2012.
5:49 am
it will hold about 190 students. the crossway community nonnonprofit organization will operate that school. in the district, police officers help local students get ready to go back to school. they were part of a shopping spree for the kids at the columbia heights target. in our area, 80 students were the recipients of shopping trips to pick up new supplies at school. nationwide, the salvation army and target offered about 12,000 kids shopping trips. the redskins like all pro football team are in high gear now that the lockout is over working overtime to try to get some deal done and trades done before training camp starts. let's check with the sports junkies from 106.7 the fan. >> good morning. >> we are talking some deal now. talk first about who might be staying. i guess the big deal would be in the wide receiver position. >> great that you have santana
5:50 am
moss. maybe they made some calls to santonio holmes and made calls to sydney rice and realized they weren't interested and retained santana moss or maybe they are going after the big names and will put him at number two. >> if they miss on holmes and rice. , young is 27. we are pursuing jenkins from the packers. the mcnabb trade should happen today. >> the deal with moss i think was it was just a fiscally sort of responsible deal. i think only five or six million of it is guaranteed, three-year deal, $15 million deal. for the kind of production this guy has given the redskins, i think it was a solid deal. >> imhe with you. nice to get that $5 million
5:51 am
signing bonus. let's talk about the mcnabb trade. apparently everything is in place as long as he agrees to it. being traded for a sixth round pick and taking a by curkt kind of what we expected. then again, if you could get them to take a by cut and stay, you still have some veteran leadership in the back-up role. >> the relationship was too fractured. this was just a spectacular failure for the redskins organization. i will be one of few maybe but i'm going to root for donovan mcnabb when he goes to minnesota. he has 230 touch downdowns. even with the failures of last year, you can have one or two more pretty solid years, i think that solid identifies the hall of fame for this guy. is a good dude. he just dp work out here. >> he may be successful in minnesota. they will have the best running back he has ever had withed aery appear peterson. but the relationship was
5:52 am
fractured so you got to cut your losses. i actually think it is good they got sixing round picks. i thought identify while, they might cut him and do nothing. do not pull an albert haynesworth. let him work and start over. >> he will go there and start. they are not going to start joe webb so it is a good situation for him. he will take the deal. they'll work out on the money and he will be gone. >> it is funny, steve, that the one thing that sort of is slowing things down here is the redskins come pounding their problems last year after they benched and humiliated mcnabb, they decided to give him extra money to try to make it look good and that is the one thing that is slowing this deal down. >> financial management has not been their strong suit in the past. that is for sure. any draft pick the redskin can get is a good draft pick. when you look at the vikings situation, you mentioned their quarterback coming in. he can learn from mcnabb and probably put him in a good
5:53 am
place. matt hasselbeck off the table now apparently. what are the options left for the redskin. do they not need some quarterback with some veteran leadership to be on the staff. >> they might need one but they are not bringing one in. yesterday, john beck couldn't even get into the building. security didn't know him. >> they will have another guy. they are all going to be sort of on that same caliber. mike shanahan has decided this will be his crew in general. it will be a third tier quarterback and we'll have to sort of make up the deficiencies with the other positions. >> real quick before you all weigh in on that, let me get one more thing this there. you know how the rivalry goes between the cowboys and red skip. cowboys yesterday cut loose a bunch everett vans including roy williams and marion barber. any chance the redskin make a play just to say we got your guy. >> i don't know. they have a couple offensive line men whoer this letting go who i think the redskins should
5:54 am
take a look at. >> columbo and davis. >> i think they are looking to retain some. >> hopefully more moves to be made. thank you, guys. soy a bottle of wine making word headline this morning. why? well, how much do you think it will set you back? that bottle right there, white wine, in case you were curious. think about it. we'll have detail of what make this so special when we come back. ♪
5:55 am
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we want to say good mopping to our facebook fan of the day. it is sierra hawk up. she is just 10 year old and just participated in the redskin cheerleading camp. maybe a future cheerleader. you never know. good forker her. how much would you pay if a really good bottle of wine? >> not much really. don't have that kind of discriminating taste. how about $123,000. that is what somebody paid in hon drop a restaurant owner from bali bought it and will put it on display. he say eventually he will open it but not until 2017 to celebrate what will be his 50 high pressure year career as a -- a 50-year career as a wine connoisseur. >> that would be a huge disappointment if he opens
5:58 am
opportunity and it turned. >> i don't think it matters at that point. we are just minute away from our special phone bank. experts from the emergency mortgage assistance program to answer your questions. >> the phone bank just about to open now. try to hang on if a couple more minutes. we'll see -- for a couple more minutes. we'll see you at the top of the hour and you can start making your phone calls then. 
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